Bankruptcy Administration

Experience and solvency in bankruptcy procedings

Insolvency administration is a specialized service provided to companies in a situation of financial insolvency. When a company files for bankruptcy, it is necessary to appoint an insolvency administrator to take control and manage the company during the insolvency process.

Our objective as insolvency administrators is to protect the interests of creditors and ensure the viability of the company as far as possible.

We are bankruptcy administrators with a lot of experience and solid knowledge, so we carry out an efficient and effective management during the bankruptcy process, always trying to minimize the losses for your company and its creditors.

Administración Concursal

Bankruptcy administration services


Advice on economic crisis situations

We advise the company in situations of economic crisis and offer solutions for their resolution


Preparation of a feasibility plan

We prepare a viability plan that contemplates the necessary measures for the company’s recovery


Restructuring of the company

We carry out company restructuring processes to reduce costs and improve profitability


Negotiation with creditors

We negotiate with creditors to establish payment agreements that allow the company to emerge from insolvency


Liquidation of the company

In extreme cases, we advise on the process of liquidation of the company and the sale of its assets


Supervision and management of the company's accounting and finances

As accounting and tax experts, we also manage the accounting and finance of the company to ensure its correct management


Representation of the company in court

We represent the company in court if necessary


Management of the company's human resources

As experts in labor relations, we manage the company’s human resources to reduce costs and improve efficiency


Analysis of the legal situation of the company

We analyze the legal situation of the company to determine the legal measures to be taken to resolve the economic crisis


Management of communication with employees and other company stakeholders

We manage communication with employees and other company stakeholders to ensure transparency and trust in the crisis management process

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